My work as speaker


Experience, tipps and tricks

Many tutorials about show only a very reduced set of functionality. They often focus on very clear app structures and small sets of features. I will show you how we solve different problems which arise during test automation with Cypress in a large business application. The later is built as SPA with Aurelia and exists since 2015.

Build a profiler for .NET apps with C++ and a little bit of assembler

A modern IDE also has a profiler. This makes it possible to understand which method is called when, how often and for how long. In the best case, you also have an insight into the function parameters and other stuff. Have you always wanted to delve into the depths of programming and develop your own profiler? No? Then the workshop would still be interesting. Ideally, each participant has their own rudimentary profiler and can at least build a StackOverflow detector. Terms like CallingConvention should then be familiar, and we will also learn a little bit about the memory structure in .NET.

.NET Diagnostics

Microsoft did a great work on building diagnostic possibilities into .NET Core. The possibilities were great in .NET Framework, too, but with .NET Core they invented some cool features. In this workshop I show you how you can analyze your app that runs in a Linux container. Everything can be done only with normal user permissions. It can be done on Windows and Linux. No root required, no special system capabilities. Of course, if you have root permissions, you can do much more, but unfortunatelly this will not be covered here :-)

Solving performance issues regarding SQL queries

An SQL query can be fast. But often he isn't. Depending on the severity, this can be irrelevant or extremely critical. Sometimes it's about nothing and sometimes it's about a few seconds before the customer calls. In this workshop we will chat a bit about locks and isolation levels. We will analyze deadlocks and timeouts. The aim is to give an insight into the wonderful world of analysis tools and to allay the fear of a “timeout expired” in the logs.