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Read function arguments from .NET applications with .NET ProfilingAPI
I show you how you can extend your profiler in order to read function parameters within a FunctionEnter event
'function enter/leave' + .NET profiler + 64Bit. Assembler code included!
This is the 64Bit v ersion of: Trace 'function enter/leave' events with a .NET profiler + detect StackOverflow. Assembler code included!
Trace 'function enter/leave' events with a .NET profiler + detect StackOverflow. Assembler code included!
Trace 'function enter/leave' events with a .NET profiler + detect StackOverflow. Assembler code included!
Prevent routing if unsaved changes exist [VueJS]
Apply a very small hack to prevent the user from accidentally switching to another page without saving changes [VueJS]
Call function in unmanaged DLL from C# and pass custom data types [Marshal]
This article shows how you can write a custom marshaler in order to call into unmanaged DLL's and pass custom data to the functions.
[Win32 / Hooks / Spy++] How I got rid of those useless mouse buttons using Windows Hooks
[Win32 / Hooks / Spy++] Blocking mouse buttons with Win32 Hooks, controlled by a little systray icon tool written in C#
Controlling the file chooser within a test
You were told that you can not control the 'open file' dialog in Cypress? I can tell you, that you were fooled!
Doing native clicks with and open file dialog
Using native click events to open the file dialog in chrome by code.
Digging into a few callbacks and how you can obtain more information about an event
I list some callbacks, what can be done with them and how you can obtain more information about an event.
How to debug a .NET profiler
A profiler can not so easily be debugged. In this article I show you how this can be achieved by using WinDbg
IPC between C# and C++ by using named pipes
Use named pipes to setup inter process communication between a C++ DLL and a C# application.
How does a .NET profiler work?
Before doing cool stuff with your .NET profiler, we should understand a few principles
Know the bitness of your .NET application
A short post about bitness in .NET applications
Create a .NET profiler with the Profiling API - Start of an unexpected journey
The Profiling API is a powerful beast that let's you do magic things with a .NET application. This article gives you a first insight.
The impact of branch predictions in modern CPU architectures
Have you already heard of `branch predictions`? They may have a high impact on algorithms working on big datasets.
Call a C library from C++
How can you write a DLL in C and use it in C++.
How to debug an unmanaged application with WinDbg
WinDbg is a nice tool if you like to debug an application but can not use your favorite IDE for that. I will show you how to debug a simple (unmanaged!) console app.
Why I made 29 PR's in the repository of 11ty's documentation
Why I made 29 PR's in the repository of 11ty's documentation
Differences between Release and Debug build [assembler code included]
If you ever want to investigate performance issues under the hood you should be aware of the differences between release and debug profile.
Add pagination for dynamic data in Eleventy
Creating pagination from dynamic data and add a useful navigation bar
Share a post on several social media platforms with IFTTT
Learn how to publish an image once and share it in your business and private social media profiles. Control Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with IFTTT
The suffering of the young Herbert
The suffering of the young Herbert
Eleventy basics you might need for creating a generic design
Before creating the final structure of the design I show you how to handle some basic use cases with eleventy.
New features in Cypress 3.8.3
What's new in Cypress 3.8.3? I show you the relevant (at least what is relevant for me) changes.
Publishing my blog using HTTP upload in PHP
After a hard struggle with travis and my FTP server, I decided to use a HTTP upload
Fetch tweets, download images and display them
Fetch the latest tweets from twitter, store them to a local JSON file and download their images
Publish static website with Travis to existing FTP server
Shows you how you can utilize to publish to a ftp server
Filter Jest test results based on test result using a wrapper
If you ever needed to filter Jest test results based on something that is within the result itself, then this article might help you. Also this article gives a little insight on how to write a Jest reporter.
Use eleventy to create my static page
Write your website with markdown + liquid and publish it as static page. This article shows how I create my page with eleventy
Creating a personal page with Twitter sync, github sync, sync
Learn how I build my personal page using eleventy, twitter, github and other cool stuff